Arming pilots

However, the fact that air marshals themselves could be killed or captured means that potential threatening individuals may gain access to weaponry that could be used to take the cockpit.

Federal Flight Deck Officer

This means that arming the pilots in the cockpit may be redundant. The benefits of the program are obvious. By prohibiting pilots from carrying firearms to defend themselves, their airplanes and their passengers, the federal government is making its position clear: Would you like to join our advisory group to work with us on the future of GovTrack.

Arming pilots In a stunning reversal, California's liberal Senator Barbara Boxer has come out in favor of allowing airline pilots to carry guns if they wish, while the Bush administration opposes it.

Indeed, pilots were still allowed to carry guns until as recently as Ultimately, the rational for most decisions can be reduced to a few basic questions. Officials say the unnamed pilot was allowed to carry the weapon as part of the Transportation Security Administration's Federal Flight Deck Officer program.

FAA Wants Public Opinion on Arming Pilots

And as we said before, a particular law might be narrow in focus, making it both simple and sensible to move it wholesale into a particular slot in the Code.

Air marshals fly with the passengers. Air Marshals Another major consideration those taking up the debate point to is the fact that air marshals are used on the majority of flights across the US and Canada.

He allegedly had that on him at the time of his arrest. Media giants like the New York Times are going to unprecedented lengths to politicize the San Bernardino massacre.

America must prevent terrorists ever again from turning a civilian aircraft into a de facto cruise missile. The Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act would create a program under which pilots who volunteer would be trained, and deputized, to use lethal force to protect the cockpit.

Congress Weighs Arming Pilots

Instead, those who classify laws into the Code typically leave a note explaining how a particular law has been classified into the Code. Pilots with guns were a way to augment the Federal Air Marshall Service which was already in place and quickly expanded.

On the other hand This is a good measure to take in helping protect our schools from mass shooters. A story by Jim Burns of CNSNews on May 21 said, "The federal government Tuesday said pilots will not be allowed to have guns in the cockpit on commercial airline flights.

Debate about Arming Pilots in the Cockpit written by: As a result, often the law will not be found in one place neatly identified by its popular name.

Is bureaucracy stalling armed-pilot legislation. TSA officers reportedly recognized the gun in her bag and called airport police. Supporters say the legislation is needed to help prevent the kind of takeovers that allowed terrorists to crash commercial planes into the Pentagon, and World Trade Center in New York last September If you're paying attention, you need to be aware of one thing.

For example, the weapons used by these pilots are placed with lock boxes that can only be accessed in the event of an emergency.

Wilson Introduces Bill to Arm Cargo Pilots

A Midwest airlines pilot was arrested for drinking just before his flight, but was he really drunk, or did police jump the gun. The Obama administration has no plans to end a program that trains commercial airline pilots to carry guns and thwart terrorist attacks, and in fact is seeking to expand resources for oversight and training, government officials and pilots organizations say.

Highly-trained police officers are found responsible for accidental shootings each year on our city streets. Nov 19, at There are many necessary and constructive steps that can be taken to protect pilots and passengers short of arming pilots. Republican Congressman Don Young of Alaska said, "This is a bill, in fact, to defend those people who fly every day by the captain of the ship.

Pilot's gun fires during US flight; no one injured. Would Mohamen Atta object to armed pilots. Pilot arrested had blood alcohol level of 0.

This controversy had disappeared from the media radar for a couple of years, when this incident brought it back to life: This prevents the possible abuse by the pilots themselves.

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Congress Weighs Arming Pilots

Unfortunately, the major airlines are opposed to the concept, and have exerted enough pressure on the DOT to officially oppose arming pilots, despite the more than 5, favorable comments. Apr 14,  · The administration unfortunately views armed pilots as a problem, not as a last layer of security, and has done what it can to discourage pilots from applying for the armed-pilot program.

After reading several articles and listening to several arguments for and against arming the pilots, I have come to the conclusion that there can be only one answer if one is to look at the issue.

Jul 15,  · The Effects of Arming Pilots By ADAM LIPTAK The bill passed by the House of Representatives to give guns to pilots would have effects far beyond the cockpits and cabins of jetliners, legal experts said.

Former Air Marshal: Arming Teachers Will Work Just Like Arming Pilots Did After 9-11

Arming pilots would also aid airlines in recovering from the economic downfall that has plagued the industry since the attacks. With armed pilots, passengers would know they are safe from any possibility of a hijacking and the only thing that might cause catastrophic damage would be an unforeseen mechanical problem.

Arming pilots
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